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  • Magic words for ecommerce

    According to this blog post from Shopify, the 4 magics words for copywriters to help increase conversions are: You, New, Free, and Guaranteed.

    I think writing in second-person narrative is always a good thing for sales related articles. Think about how your product or services would benefit your customers and talk to your customer directly.

    Who doesn’t like new stuff?

    Free does work. Just look all the freemium products out there.

    Terms such as 30 day money back guarantee is reassuring to consumers knowing that the company trust the quality of its products enough to offer such a guarantee.

    For more information, click here.

  • What is shopify?

    Is Shopify good for you? What is shopify? These might be the questions you have. Well, you would have to decide for yourself based on your needs.

    Shopify is the WordPress of hosted e-commerce solutions. It is simple to use and has an intuitive UI that most users can learn easily. It has a drag-and-drop interface to allow users to make changes visually. If your main business is selling online and there is no need for a separate corporate website, then Shopify can also act as your corporate front.

    Shopify supports credit card payment processing (including Paypal) and over 50 different payment gateways. If your payment gateway provider is of some significance, there is a good chance it is supported. It has a built-in robust SEO tools supporting Google Analytics, Google Webmaster toolkit, XML Sitemap, auto-submission to Google.

    Benefits of Shopify

    • When comparing to other hosted e-commerce store like bigcommerce or volusion, Shopify is really easy to use. You do not need to hire a designer or developer to get started.
    • Shopify provides free themes and also has a theme store from which you can buy premium themes. Most of the themes are pretty slick and require almost no customization to start. If you want to create a unique look, you can hire a designer who has a lot of freedom to create an original design. Poeple have built stunning websites using Shopify, See here for a list.
    • Shopify can be setup quickly. If your needs are simple, you can set up your store and start promoting your business right away.
    • If you do not have credit card processing capability, you can use Paypal to get started.
    • Shopify has good support. If you need help, you can get in touch with Shopify gurus who are assigned to each new store owner when they signe up. It is a great free resource to get started. Shopify also has forums where you can get free help.

    For more information about Shopify, click here to visit the Shopify website. Shopify also has a comprehensive help section for store owners.