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  • Hire a Shopify developer Criteria

    Published March 24 2014

    Shopify is simple to use and has an intuitive UI that most store owners can learn easily without much training.

    It has a very robust API that allows you to integrate multiple systems with your online store. It is best to hire a knowledgeable Shopify developer if you have complex or specific business workflows.

    Here are the criteria you should use to evaluate a Shopify developer * Does the Shopify developer know the Shopify API well? Ask for examples of past work done using the Shopify API. Shopify has a system of allowing a developer to create authorized Shopify applications. Ask them for a list of past app they have created using their Shopify partner account. *

  • Shopify Shipping rates calculator

    Published April 09 2013

    As mentioned previously, we have found that shopify users often have unique shipping situation and cannot rely on the weight based or price based rate table in Shopify for Shipping rates.

    Some users use real time carrier shipping rate feature to get real time rates but they often have requirements such as

    • Ship items on separate shipments when multiple items are ordered at the same time,
    • have a different shipping origin for different items due to drop shipping
    • pick different carrier depending on the items being ordered. Such scenario are not easily supported by Shopify. You need to use a custom Shopify application to intercept the shipping calculation from Shopify and apply your custom rules.

    We have been building custom applications to address such needs. If your rules are not too complex, we can often build a custom application for $500 plus a small hosting fee (5/month) going forward.

    If you are interested in having a custom application built for your store, contact us.