Create subcategories in Shopify

Create subcategories in Shopify

Published February 03 2013

For our Shopify clients, we often get the request of creating 2 levels of categories for products. Shopify has a collection for product which is the first level of products. But often clients would have more categories under the first level. We found the only way to create subcategories of products in Shopify is to use product tags. So for the rest of the article, product tag = subcategory.

For example, if we have a collection in Shopify that is called Shoes and we want to have other subcategories called Boots and Flats. When we add products to the collection shoes, we will use product tags to identified products that are in Boots and Flats. See here for how to add product tags.

This is easy enough. But how to you create your navigation menu to allow customers to see Boots under Shoes?

Shopify allows you to use url like this /collections/shoes/boots to filer products by tags that is under a collection.

We often create a link lists (under Navigation in Shopify Admin) that links to each tags under a collection so we can build a dropdown menu for the subcategories.

So we will have a link lists called Shoes (name of the collection) and two links

We have not figured out how to add another level under subcategories. I think it can be done but not every easy.

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