Eable Web Technology is now Webify Technology.
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About Us

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Technology is becoming increasingly critical to any type of business. We are your partner in understanding new and emerging technologies, adopting technologies for your businesses effectively and realizing your potentials.

We have an experienced team that is well versed in web technologies such as PHP, Drupal, Shopify, .Net and Ruby on Rails.

We help you put complexity in its place.

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Our Team

Richard Zhou

Managing Director

Richard was born into a family of engineers. At a young age, he was attracted to his dad's computer because of the different games he could play on it. He wanted to learn programming so he can write his own games.

He has spent 14 years working for Sage Software, the leading provider of business applications for small and medium size businesses around the world. He helped the company developed one of the earliest and most complete web based accounting software in 2002. From 2006 to 2011, Richard led the development of new product initiatives and helped the company build a solid team of people, scalable infrastructure and agile processes.

Richard had worked on many new product initiatives over the years and has a complete understanding of the web and emerging technologies. Since founding the company in 2011, Richard and his team worked on e-commerce websites, web applications and content management systems. He provides guidance on architecture, schedules projects, manages budgets, and most importantly holds the team responsible for meeting and exceeding clients' expectations.

Richard's passion has always been helping businesses achieve success through the usage of technologies.

Edward Lee

Creative Lead

Edward is an eternally optimistic, challenge-driven and goal-oriented visual designer that brings to the team a meticulous eye for detail and a preternatural ability to extract inspiration from his surroundings. He brings a diverse skillsets for designing logos, branding identities, and web design.

Before joining the company, he found himself sharpening his design skills working on a wealth of client projects ranging from writers and musicians to corporations and non-profits.

Working as part of a team and as a freelancer has made Edward proficient at adapting to the task at hand. He has developed a passion for helping clients succeed and meeting clients' goals.

When Edward is not found working on design solutions, he's spending time way up in the mountains with nature pondering the meaning of life.

Michael Johnston

Development Lead

Michael's first experiment with computers was with an Apple II. Ever since he laid his hand on a Apple II, he had been fascinated by the amount of creativity a personal computer enables. He decided programming was to become his career from that point on.

After school, Michael spent several years working on Apple WebObjects projects doing mostly server-side development for large clients in Germany.

While working on WebObjects projects, a coworker introduced him to Ruby on Rails. With this newfound interest, Michael went on to write a few web applications in Ruby on Rails in his spare time and decided this is THE framework for building web applications. He has since chosen to work almost exclusively with Ruby on Rails and has worked on a few large projects using the technology.

As Senior Developer, Michael employs agile methodologies whenever possible and strives to produce simple and effective solutions that meets clients' requirements.

Kevin Ganapathy

Senior Developer

Ever since he was young, Kevin was known as the kid who was always building things, like building a rocket out of cardboard to fly to the moon or tuning his bicycle so that it can go supersonic.

The passion to building things got bigger as he grew up. At the young age of 11, he discovered the Internet and have been building for the web ever since.

Kevin is an expert on content management systems and has worked on many large portals that are heavily content driven.

When Kevin is free, he relaxes by planning about the next great thing to build.

Webify Advisory Board

Sunil Pande

Sunil started his career at Intel. During his tenure there his responsibilities included ownership of Intel's embedded software development tools portfolio, starting and managing Intel's Global Developer Programs for ISV's, and launching some of Intel's first retail software products including LANDesk and ProShare into the market. After Intel, Sunil joined Tactica a pioneer in mobile computing. Tactica offered an award winning IDE and PaaS to build robust transactional mobile applications for a variety of enterprise applications including home-healthcare, defense and aerospace. After Tactica, Sunil founded and grew Entomo www.entomo.com  into a profitable enterprise SaaS company. Entomo offers supply chain and distribution channel management solutions to Fortune 100 companies. More recently Sunil was VP SaaS and Mobile products for Sage overseeing the delivery of new cloud based products to market as well extensions to existing on-premise products via connected services. He also served on the Sage Group Technology Advisory Board representing Sage North America to the Sage Group BOD on overall company technology direction. Sunil was also part of the Sage Group M&A team that sourced and evaluated M&A opportunities worldwide.

Sunil is recognized for building and leading global software organizations that became known for rapid innovation and consistent delivery through a solution focused culture of experimentation, continuous improvement, and learning. Sunil provides Webify Technology with mentorship on team development, process enhancement, and marketing strategy.